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PayPal Subscriptions

  • This is the best value and easiest option!
  • As low as $6.00/mo. due to multi-month discounts
  • Automatic billing - Your site will never return to reduced features without you knowing!

How can site members help out?

  • Members can donate to your PayPal account directly. The PayPal donation widget can be used to track this.
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Crowd Pay

  • Allows multiple guild members to easily pay for upgraded service
  • Allows guild members to contribute via points directly to the site
  • Contributions available in increments as small as $5.00
  • Includes Rapid Raid
  • Larger contributions get as much as 15% in bonus points
  • No Credit Card Required

How can site members help out?

  • Guild Members can contribute via the Crowd Pay widget.
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